2011. november 8., kedd

New Modells from No Corruption Social Brand

 No  Corruption  Black Wicker Suitcase
( also in bigger sizes available)
Laptopbags and suitcases, Romani style
black wicker, textile, leather
inner part waterproof to protect laptops
size outside: 43 x 30 cm
inner size: 39 x 26 cm
 each piece handmade unique

Modell Basic
laptopholder in various sizes on order
inner part ( second skinn) made by Plastenku.hu  from recycled platistic
photos by Salam Haddad 2011

Unique pieces "Romani Barokk"

  Blue No Corruption Bag
unique piece



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  1. hello,
    I like your idea, I like your work and

    I would like to know how I can get such an laptop object? I live in Austria, so please let me know more details ...

    kind regards and all the best for 2012

    my Email: isa.wahlhuetter@utanet.at